A&R Racing Services - Diablo Superbike Pro

A tyre derived from the experience in the Superbike championships and developed for on track training sessions and for trackdays.

All NHS (Not for Highway service) motorcycle tyres are only for pure racing and cannot be used on public roads, therefore there is no official homologation.

Designed to offer the maximum performance on Superbikes combined with a long life.

The ideal solution for on track training sessions and trackdays.

A perfect synthesis between racing setup, sporty carcass and long-lasting compounds.

The sport-derived carcass was developed to ensure uniform temperature and regular wear during repeated on track sessions, ensuring stability in performance and a long tyre life.

Profile derived from the experience of the WSBK championship optimised to ensure a wide and uniform contact surface at all angles of inclination and a regular transfer of power to the ground also in sudden changes of trajectory.

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