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23/05/2013: The broken bits go in two by two

With Castle Combe fast approaching on June the 8th, there is a huge workload to get everything ready to take part in the North Gloucester meeting. Having damaged one bike at Thruxton last season, it was quicker to get another one on board for Pembrey, swapping the front end and wheels from bike 1. So far so good...

Had it not been for the highside in the third EDI Asia 400 race, things would have been just fine. With second place in the first two races, Alan was fired up and going well. The bike then fired Alan 20ft into the air, causing him to land on his head, writing off his helmet, knocking him unconscious and causing the medical team to cut off his leathers, just as they had done at Thruxton.

So, for a full house of twos, we have...

  • Two broken bikes
  • Two trashed helmets
  • Two pairs of 'open plan' leathers
  • Two weeks to the next race
  • Only two hands to fix it all with
Watch this space...

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