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23/05/2013: Alan Russell - Wet weather specialist!

We hope you all enjoyed watching the Moto GP last weekend. Seeing the heroic efforts of Scott Redding winning the Moto 2 race, and a very beaten up Cal Crutchlow's great second in the main event is enough to make any British heart glad. Alan was there and can testify to the great atmosphere that there was at Le Mans.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't anyone's friend over that weekend, especially not Alan's. He calculates that out of the 700 miles his trip took him, 650 or so were covered in heaving rain. Add to that the leaking rent-a-tent that filled up his bag of clothes with water and you have a pretty soggy weekend all round. All that Alan had to wear for dinner and beers on Saturday night was his waterproof suit! Missing the boat back and having to make a 100 mile detour to an alternative ferry in pouring rain didn't help much either!

As always though, Alan is smiling through it all and will be at Oulton Park for the Bemsee meeting on May 31st/June 1st as well as the North Gloucester meeting at Castle Combe on June 8th and 9th, dispensing cheer and bike spares from the familiar paddock truck. Don't forget to call if you need anything particular taken to either meeting for collection from the paddock. See you there!

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