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05/06/2013: Another busy weekend ahead

From Friday, June 21st there is a hectic weekend in prospect for the A&R Racing team. We have two trucks out, one at Oulton Park for the Thundersport GB meeting on Friday and Saturday, and another at the Bemsee Snetterton 300 meeting.

These two brilliant circuits offer contrasting, yet challenging styles, with a great contrast in age too. Oulton Park has evolved over 80 years to offer massive elevation changes and brows to test man and machine. On the other hand, Snetterton is characteristically flat as you would expect from an airfield track, but the addition of many completely new bends in the total facelift that MSV gave it a couple of years back has introduced incredible variety. Both circuits demand a huge amount from bike and rider, so machine preparation is vital.

As always, Alan will be fitting tyres and dispensing the myriad items that racers need to keep their bikes up together for the weekend. If you need anything particular, just let us know and we will make sure it is on the truck for you.

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