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03/07/2013: One weekend, three meetings

The weekend of July 27th/28th is going to be our busiest one of the year. With meetings at Donington Park (Bemsee) Rockingham (Thundersport GB) and Outlon Park (North Gloucester Racing Club), we are thinking about having Alan cloned to cover the need for tyre fitting...

Luckily, a volunteer has stepped into the breech, so we will keep the DNA samples safe until needed. What is going to be harder than cloning Alan is going to be making sure that there is enough of the right kind of stock in all three places to keep everyone going and happy.

If you need any particular tyres or spares at any of the above meetings, we strongly recommend that you pre-order, either by phone or through the online shop for collection or fitting in the paddock. We still have over four weeks but that soon disappears, so get your orders in now to make sure of the things that you need.

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