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17/07/2013: New Tyre Choices for Classic Racers

Classic and historic racers need tyres too! Sometimes the right kind of tyre in the right size can be hard to find for older bikes, often with 18 inch wheels and narrow rims.

For racers of classic bikes, our online shop is well stocked with Dunlop and Avon race tyres in suitable sizes. Additionally now we are very excited to add the Continental offerings to this range. These newly developed tyres are designed to give good cold performance and quick warm-up as well as exceptional grip at extreme lean angles.

As an added bonus, being made in the modern Continental factory with new moulding techniques and up to date compounds, these tyres are exceptionally good value for money too. Our customers in the 400 and minitwin classes have had great success with Continental race tyres. Now these are available for classics.

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