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01/08/2013: Reduce the (financial) impact of crashing

Crashes happen in the best of families, as it is impossible to know where the limit is until you go beyond it. Crashing can also be expensive, with many of the components on modern bikes being vulnerable and costly to replace.

Items like clutch covers and alternator covers can be damaged in even the smallest of get-offs, so it makes sense to replace them before they fall victim with items from the GB Racing range.

These items are much tougher and wear resistant than the originals, being made out of a revolutionary new high-impact composite material containing 60% long glass fibred nylon, which is incredibly tough. They are beautifully designed too, being direct bolt-onb replacements for original items. For most modern superbikes the range comprises:

  • Clutch covers
  • Alternator covers
  • Crash bobbins
  • Paddock stand bobbins
  • Lower (shark fin) chainguards
You can buy GB Crash Protection online in our shop, or phone your orders through for collection in the paddock.

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