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24/01/2014: Here we grow, here we grow, here we grow!

Thanks to all the nice people who have bought race bike spares from us through eBay, by mail order and through our online shop, business has got so busy that we have had to look for an additional person to take care of the packing and shipping to make sure that everything goes out on time and to the right place.

This month, we have been busy interviewing for this post, and still have a couple of people left to see before we make a decision. Hopefully, the new person will be in place before the end of February, when things really start to hot up before the start of the new season.

There will be plenty for them to pack too, as Alan has just got back from the Motorcycle Trade expo at Birmingham's NEC, where he has been looing for new items to go into the catalogue in 2014. Watch this space for more details.

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