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14/02/2014: Donington Park Thundersport GB Training Day

"Brrrrr!" is not quite the word for conditions at Donington Park last Tuesday. You have to admire the fortitude of bike racers going out to do their training day in conditions that would have made Titus Oates think twice before going outside.

Everything went smoothly though and everyone went home happy. A number of riders tried the new Continental wet race tyres on the day and were very impressed. Let's face it, if a tyre can impress people in the snow, it has to be doing something right.

Graham Matcham from Continental came along to dispense technical advice and we had our normal range of spares and essential items available from the paddock truck. The hardest part was taking our hands out of our pockets to dispense them!

Oh well, at least Alan was in the warm and dry, giving evidence at an inquest. Let's hope he doesn't get called away to another one for the Brrrrrands Hatch Bemsee Training Day in less than two weeks time.

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