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02/04/2014: Alan's half-century last week

Born just seven years after Bob McIntyre's first ever 100mph lap of the Isle of Man TT circuit, in a week when Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas topped the charts with "Little Children", British bikes were the best in the world and you could buy a pint of bitter for 1/6 (7.5p), Alan has a few miles on the clock you could say.

The popular view of bikers in 1964 was formed by films like "The Leather Boys" with Rita Tushingham and Colin Campbell, and if you saw a scooter parked in a public place, it was your duty to hammer a potato into the exhaust so it wouldn't start...

However, age doesn't stop Alan from being Mr Perpetual Motion at work or racing just as hard as anybody half that age. In tireless support of Bemsee, North Gloucester and Thundersport GB rounds this season, Alan will once again be fitting tyres like a hero and dispensing all the bits that you may need to keep your race bike in fine fettle.

At least there was no racing over his birthday weekend, so he could have it off!

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