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02/04/2014: Don't fade away...

Coincidentally, in 1964 while Alan was busy being born, the Rolling Stones were busy recording "Not Fade Away".

They could have been singing about the disc brakes on racing motorcycles of today, if there were any at the time...

There can be few more gut-wrenching feelings than brake fade. There are many causes, but one of the most common is water absorption leading to boiling and formation of easily compressed bubbles.

To make sure that your brakes have the best chance of staying the distance, the best fluid is always a good idea. We have just managed to grab a limited supply of Castrol React SRF racing brake fluid in 1 litre bottles. It is not cheap, but when you are braking right on the ragged edge of performance, it is good to know that you have the world's highest performance brake fluid coursing through your lines. Call us now to secure a supply, or visit our online shop.

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