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01/05/2014: Learning to love the A11

Not content with one marathon journey to Snetterton this month, being at the Bemsee round there last week, Alan, glutton for punishment that he is, is heading off there agein today for the Thundersport GB meeting over the weekend.

With the roadworks still in place dualling the bottle neck that has always been a royal pain still in place, this is bound to be a long haul.

Luckily, when you get there, you are rewarded with a truly amazing circuit now, with three layout options. My favourite of these is the 300 layout, which has everything from flat-out straights to eye-bulging braking for hairpins and of course, the legendary Bombhole/Coram complex is as challenging a piece of tarmac as you will find anywhere.

As always, the paddock truck will be in attendance, laden with all the bits you may need to keep your race bike in fine fettle to meet the demands of this great track, and Alan will be fitting tyres relentlessly all weekend. Have a great meeting if you are taking part or going along to watch.

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