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04/06/2014: New bikes for Alan, Geoff and Jake

It's great attending race meetings with our paddock support truck and seeing all our customers having fun racing. However, we do like to get on our own bikes and join in whenever possible too. In the past week, three of the team have treated themselves to new bikes with that aim in mind.

Alan has gone all retro on us and will be commuting to work on his newly acquired Triumph Bonneville. When his birthday rolls around, there is no truth in the rumour that the rest of us will be having a whip-round to buy him a tassled jacket, flying scarf and seaboot socks to complete the ensemble though.

Geoff will be campaigning a Honda NC30 in the North Gloucester Club's Formiula 400 series and Jake has bought a steel framed CBR600 with a view to doing some track days to start with and getting into racing when he feels comfortable with the bike.

With a busy weekend coming up in just two weeks, there will be three paddock trucks out at Castle Combe (North Gloucester), Bemsee (Donington Park) and Oulton Park (Thundersports GB), there won't be much time for any of us to get out and ride, but we will be doing as much as time allows through the season.

If you need anything particular delivered to any of the above meetings for collection in the paddock, letting us know in advance is a good idea so that we can make sure that the right stock is in the right place.

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