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08/09/2014: R&G Racing adjustable rearsets, perfect positioning for your feet

Riding fast is so much easier when you are comfortable on your bike. Where you put your feet has a big influence on how comfortable you are, and as we are all different, this means that adjustable rearsets can be a very worthwhile investment.

The new range from R&G Racing is about so much more than comfort though. Engineered for precision gear changes and sensitive use of the rear brake, these are works of art in themselves.

The position of the footrests can be changed, as can the length of the levers to make sure that gear lever and rear brake fall exactly in the right place for your foot, while the range of movement available in the footrest mounting plates is second to none, allowing perfect positioning.

R&G Racing adjustable footrest kits are available for a wide range of modern super sports bikes and we are still adding them to our online catalogue so if you can't find your bike in the list, give us a call or click in the header of any page to send us an email so we can find the right set for you.

Check out the range in our online shop.

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