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11/09/2014: A&R Racing Services awayday weekend & Jolly Boys' Outing

Alan and Geoff are both racing at Pembrey this weekend and Jake is wielding the spanners, so it is like a company outing for the A&R Racing Services team.

Despite all the effort involved in racing, you can bet your sweet plastic bippy that Alan and the boys will be cheerfully dispensing the indispensible items that every racer needs when away from home, as well as fitting tyres for all they are worth.

If you need anything particular to be taken to Pembrey so that you can collect in the paddock, there is still time to call us or click in the header of any page to send us an email.

In preparation, Alan's bike has been given a thorough going over on the dyno. I am sure that if you ask him nicely at Pembrey, he will tell you what power it is making...

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