Metzeler Racetec RR Rear Race Tyre 180/60/17 K1 Soft Compound


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Metzeler Racetec RR 180/60/17 K1 Soft Rear Racing Tyre.

A high performance racing tyre which is fully homologated for road use.

Peak performance on both track and road driven by pure racing technology and materials.

The MetzelerRacetec RR earns its name from Road Racing. It has been developed and put to the ultimate test by winning teams and riders.

Winner of the 2014 Isle of Man TT Supersport race.

RACETEC™ RR has been engineered to cope with all these different situation in just one race, providing unmatched durability and versatility.

Dual Compound rear.
‘in brackets’ (W) speed index on all compound specs.
Racing grip all the time, thanks to compound versatility across a wider range of temperatures and tarmac surfaces.
Performance consistency given until the last mile.
Trajectory precision and high speed stability.


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Metzeler Racetec RR Rear Race Tyre 180/60/17 K1 Soft Compound

Developed to win road races, RACETEC™ RR delivers maximum performance