Image: 110 - Alan Russell - Altruism Personified

Al just wanted everyone to know that out of the goodness of his heart and for otherwise purely business purposes, he is sponsoring the Streetfighter classes at Thundersport GB rounds this year.

You can see from the picture that, despite all the great personal hardship and pain this causes him, Alan, like the real trooper he is manages to raise a smile.

Pictured here surrounded by the podium and pit lane medical team, queueing up to practice mouth to mouth rescusitation techniques, Alan is pleased to do all he can to help. After all, it is in the best interest of the sport that he loves, so what's putting up with a little discomfort in exchange for that? The photograph is courtesy of The Bike Insurer.

Alan assures us that his tyre lever will be back in full effect at the Bemsee meeting this weekend down in Pembrey. There is still time to call with orders for anything particular that you want taken down there to collect in the paddock... I am hoping he is going to bring the one with the tattoos for me :-)

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