Image: 119 - Whatever you're racing, stop it!

The best lap times can often rely on reducing speed as efficiently as gaining it. Great brakes can make a significant difference to performance.

That's why you will find the range of Brembo brake master cylinders in our online shop now. As well as being works of art in themselves, the Brembo range offers the unparalleled power and feel of radial cylinders and comes in a choice of bores to suit all configurations of single and twin disc brakes.

To get the best leverage for all riders, the infinitely adjustable span levers are available in short or long configuration and there is a flip-up option to minimise damage in the event of a mishap. Spare levers are also available for such exigienices!

Matching clutch master cylinders are also available to give a light feel and smooth control for those all important rocket-ship starts too. The rear master cylinder is available in three bore sizes to upgrade or fine tune your rear brake to get just the feel you need when balancing the bike, particularly in our all too common wet conditions.

If you need advice on which cylinders are best suited to your bike, just give us a call on the number above, or click in the header of any page to send an email. Pop along to our paddock support trucks at most race meetings if you prefer face to face conversation, visitors are always welcome.

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