Image: 130 - Racing at Aintree this weekend

The circuit at Aintree is very significant and historic. Back in its glory days of the 1950s and 60s it hosted the British GP five times as well as a non-championship F1 event known as the Aintree 200. It was the scene of the first ever victory in a Grand Prix for a British driver in a British car when Sterling Moss won the 1957 event in a Vanwall.

The grandstands were shared with the horse racing track at the time and many prestigious races were fought out between the greatest of the great at that time.

The grand prix circuit closed in 1964 but racing carries on there to this day on the 1.5 mile club circuit, which still uses part of the famous old track, featuring four right hand bends of varying radius and complexity, and one left hander, so must pose a real test for tyres and riders with the left hand side being cold for much of the lap.

This weekend, Alan is taking the Honda to Aintree, racing in the Formula 400 and the open 500cc classes. This is his first time at the circuit, so will be a learning experience as well as a chance to race against new opposition on a circuit that looks simple on paper. However, experience has invariably shown that circuits which look simple on paper invariably have a few surprises up their sleeve with technical sections over which, local knowledge can be worth a lot of time.

As always, Alan will be doing his utmost to meet the challenge head on and we are looking forward to a new trophy or two adorning the office cabinets next week. Watch this space for more information.

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