Image: 131 - Mallory Park goes into administration - a victory for greed?

It is a very sad time for all forms of British motorsport, particularly in terms of employment for people in the hard-hit east midlands area who relied on work from Mallory Park. Under the assumed banner of a noise complaint, greed and avarice have forced This tremendouse, historic and important circuit into administration.

Exactly how people who weren't even born when a race circuit started can buy a house near it and then start complaining about the noise, sufficiently to beguile a British court into cutting circuit hours to a point where they are no longer economical is beyond me. Justice? I doubt it.

I have just two fond hopes now. Firstly, that the administrators can find some way of keeping this circuit going, even at a reduced capacity. Failing that, if the property developers do move in, I hope that they are forced to build a high proportion of affordable dwellings so that all the unemployed local people, recently released prisoners with nowhere to go, and new arrivals in our country can share the enjoyment of this beautiful part of the country.

Alan was there at the closing of the circuit and it was a highly emotional time for all bike and car racing fans. The history here can't be bought, sold or replaced. It is a part of the soil, the spirit of racers long gone mingles with the cheers of recent crowds to raise the hairs on the back of my neck every time I think of my favourite spectator circuit, Mallory Park.

The same trick has been tried with varying levels of success at different circuits around the country, particularly, Croft Autodrome, Castle Combe and Oulton Park. To help protect the sport that we love, one thing we can do is take away one potential weapon from those who would harm it by keeping noise to a minimum. Check out our range of dB killers and other exhaust accessories that can help you do your bit to silence not only your bike, but our critics as well.

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