Image: 133 - Happy holidays are on their way

After a long season of fitting tyres and dispensing race parts from the paddock truck and via mail order, Alan has decided it's time for some relaxation. I'm not quite sure where the relaxation comes into it, but he has booked himself in for one of the excellent off-road riding tours of Laos organised by Mike Wake.

Let's call it dynamic relaxation for want of a better term. The pictures I have seen from Mike's Lao Rider tours certainly look like the country provides some very interesting and challenging off-road riding and some fabulous places to visit so a part of me is very jealous.

Alan being the organised sort of bloke that he is wouldn't take on such a tour without due preparation though, so he has bought a 300 GasGas enduro bike on which to practice. The first surprise was just how much of a rocket ship this 'little' 300cc two-stroke is.

The second surprise came on the weekend 'fun' enduro organised by WOR Events just north of Shrewsbury, when he found himself falling off every twenty yards or so at the beginning. With helpful marshals doubling up as instructors though, he soon got the hang of it and is now confidently looking forward to taking on the challenges of Laos.

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