Image: 181 - First North Gloucester meeting of 2014. Well done to all!

Fresh from the first North Gloucester Road Racing Club meeting of the year at Brands Hatch, having enjoyed a busy weekend in the paddock, it is great to have caught up with everyone again.

As sponsors of the A&R Racing F400 class, congratulations to all competitors, particularly Ben Harrison who took his first win in the class aboard a Kawasaki ZXR400. We will be looking forward to much more great racing in this class as the season unfolds.

Results from Saturday's F400 race:

  1. Daniel Tilley
  2. Ben Harrison
  3. Colm Warner
  4. Simon Wilkins
  5. Theodore Pope
  6. Timothy Moorhead
  7. Elwyn Fryer
And Sunday's F400 race:
  1. Ben Harrison
  2. Daniel Tilley
  3. Simon Wilkins
  4. Colm Warner
  5. Theodore Pope
  6. Timothy Moorhead
  7. Elwyn Fryer

Paul Willis was going very well in Sound of Thunder on his KTM with Continental tyres fitted, until his clutch expired, putting an early end to his race. We have a great working relationship with Continental now and their race tyres are becoming more ane more popular. Give us a call or click in the header of any page for recommended fitment on your bike.

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