Image: 182 - With the new season approaching, the last thing anyone wants to think about is crashing

That's why we reckon that it should be the first thing that everyone thinks about. By being prepared with the best protective kit right from the word go, there will be less need to think about crashing, leaving you free to concentrate on going fast.

Forcefield body armour can do just that for you. Being among the very best in the market already, two of their key products have just had major upgrades.

The Ellite F1 chest protector and Forcefield L2K EVO back protector have been re-engineered for 2014 with a number of key improvements.

Both items are made from Forcefield’s shock absorbing technology NitreEvo®, which makes them very malleable allowing perfect 3D moulding to the user’s shape for optimum comfort. Both items also incorporate Repeat Performance Technology (RPT) to ensure no loss of protective performance even after multiple impacts.

Details like Kevlar stitching, breathable, movable inner layers and fully adjustable harnesses help to make these some of the most comfortable and effective safety products on the market. Check out these and other great safety products in our online shop.

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