Image: 196 - Anybody want a VFR400 rear disc, very cheap!

Alan't weekend at Cadwell Park didn't go entirely according to plan, as the rear brake caliper seized on and dragged the bike back a little. The resultant damage to the rear disc can be seen in the image. That one won't be much use but the quirky rectangular shape may qualify it as a piece of modern art perhaps...

Alan's results were three sixth places and a seventh, overall not bad considering that the rear brake was using up more than its fair share of power, and Alan hasn't raced at Cadwell Park for nine years.

The big smile was over lap times, with consistent improvement over the weekend, setting his fastest lap times in Sunday's last race, while having a good dice for third place and generally enjoying every second of his racing. Here's to seeing you out on track more often this season and heading well towards the pointy end of the field.

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