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In a sport where hundredths or even thousandths of a second count, being empirical about setup just isn't enough. To feel as though you took a particular corner faster, yet with less lean than previous times, giving you better traction onto the straight, where you think you were going faster than ever, isn't helping you learn anything about your bike, the conditions or your riding. That is where dataloggers come in. It is only when you can measure these vital parameters that you can really know if one approach is better than another and that changes in technique or bike set up are actually helping you to go faster, or merely feeling faster, which is so often not the case. These new Speedangle products are different to many others in that you need no beacon so they can be used anywhere and at any time. They measure speed, acceleration, lean angle and lap times on a trace that you can then analyse on your pc. Armed with such information, you can make sure that every metre of every track is being approached optimally and make sure that your laps are as good as they can be. Check out the product page for full specs and prices. See the Speedangle Datalogger in our online shop.
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