Image: 249 - Getting ready for the coming season

Once again, the pet shop owner's brother had lied, Bolton wasn't a palindrome! Any excuse to trot out favourite "Monty Python" quotes eh?

Anyway, Bolton may not be a palindrome, but it is a very good place to get your awning looked after. With just two weeks to go before the first outings of the season, it was high time to get our awning made good so that we can be sure of being out there fitting tyres and dispensing essential spares, regardless of what the weather throws at us. Here is the A&R Racing Services paddock truck at GH Awnings in Bolton being finely fettled, ready to keep the rain off our heads while fitting tyres.

Our first outing is on February the 17th with Thundersport GB at Donington Park, shortly followed by the Bemsee Rookies' Day at Brands Hatch on the 21st/22nd and North Gloucester RRC atr Pembrey between February 27th and March 1st.

We are looking forward to seeing you there and wish a successful, happy and safe seasobn of racing to all the newcomers taking their first dip into racing at these events. They are also great places for us to hook up with old hands and friends so we will look forward to that and being able to pass on our best wishes for the season in person.

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