Image: 251 - Here's one from the vaults that Alan would rather forget...

Taken at Mallory Park in 1989, the sequence shows Alan launching his CBR600 into the Gerrards Bend scenery. By modern circuit standards, the run-off area at the time was tiny, so Alan was still going at a fair pace when he hit the tyre wall.

We like the last image in the sequence where Alan is being 'eaten' by the tyre wall as his bike sails majestically on its own sweet way, doing a fair bit of damage into the process.

Luckily, Alan wasn't seriously hurt but he did get knocked out and have to spend the nigth in the hospital at Leicester.

So, Alan, do we get the office biscuits upgraded to Hobnobs now, or do we have to post kmore embarrassing photos from the archive?

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