Image: 73 - Arrive Derci Casey
As we are sure everyone knows, Casey Stoner is bowing out of MotoGP racing after this weekend's Valencia race. Always one of the most entertaining and spectacular riders in any form of racing, not to mention the most effective, Casey will be missed by fans worldwide. It takes courage to leave a sport when you are at the very top of your form, and Casey's decision to leave now deserves immense success, as many lesser men would just hang around for the money, even in a sport with which they had fallen out of love.

At A&R Racing, we have very fond memories, having been present in the paddock in the very early days of Casey's career when he was racing 125s with Bemsee. To complete the cycle, Alan has taken his bike over to Spain to watch the swansong race over the weekend, and will no doubt be raising a very special cheer for this great sportsman. We wish you a happy and fulfilling retirement Casey, thanks for some great sporting moments.
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