Image: 75 - Countdown to something good on your mind?

Wherever you look for the next few weeks you will doubtless be reminded of the number of shopping days to Christmas? Forget that, we have next season on our mind here. The provisional calendars for Bemsee, Thundersports UK and North Gloucester Racing have been released and you can download them from our website. Now is the time to start preparing for your 2013 race campaign. A&R Racing will be in the paddocks again next year so look out for us there.

Click here to download the Bemsee Provisional calendar for 2013

Click here to download the Nortth Gloucester Provisional calendar for 2013

Click here to download the Thundersport UK Provisional calendar for 2013

So much of the stuff racers need is available from our online shop, so take a look at the great deals in there and make sure that your bike is ready to go from the first change of the lights!

By the way, if you just can't take your mind off Christmas, our shop is also a great place to get the perfect gift for the racer in your life.

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