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Shhhh! Keep it quiet. The sport that we all love is always under scrutiny over noise and limits are always likely to be reduced. To keep everybody happy, you can find a range of additional baffles, silencer packing materials, exhaust clamps and other essential parts to keep your pipe under control.

Whether racing or taking part in a track day, you can be sure that your bike will be subject to noise testing, so don't let a too-loud system spoil your chances of success.

With A&R Racing you can potentially save hundreds of pounds by making your existing exhaust system quieter rather than buying a new one.

With circuits like Oulton Park and Castle Combe facing limited availability to appease local residents, like it or not we have to keep quiet to keep racing, so with a good while to go before the start of the season, you can get ahead of the game and hush your pipe with time to get on the dyno and get the best performance available from the new quiet system. Find the bits you need in our online shop

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