Image: 77 - Stompgrips give you better bike control and less arm pump by increasing the level of grip your knees contribute.
Motorcycle control is a whole-body experience. Rider input comes from so much more than the seat of the pants, bar grip and footpegs, every part of you has a role to play in getting round circuits as fast as you can. Stomp design has been working with Keith Code and The California Superbike School to make a product to aid the grip of riders' knees on the fuel tank.

Not only does this give you more control when hanging off the bike with knee skimming the tarmac, but also helps to reduce the load on wrists under heavy braking and can significantly reduce the arm-pump experienced by many riders subjected to the huge forces that modern motorcycle brakes can generate.

Made of a high-hysteresis elastomer material developed specifically for this purpose, the grips, available in clear or black come in kits designed for many modern sports bikes, or in universal shapes that you can cut yourself to suit older machines.

These grips are also finding a lot of fans in road bike riding as well as racing. The additional grip can reduce fatigue and relieve pressure on the arms, wrists and hands to make long distance riding more comfortable and enjoyable.

A wide range of Stompgrips is available from our online shop.
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