Image: 79 - Delivery and Stands!

Working on your bike is always easier when it is supported properly. The new range of MotoGP paddock stands helps you do just that with solid, one-piece construction and well-designed support. There are three models available in our online shop, which can be delivered to your door in plenty of time for Christmas.

The universal rear lifts on bobbins for greater stability and less scuffing of the swinging arm while the front stand supports solidly on rubber coated pins, spring loaded towards the centre to prevent slip. There is also a universal head-lift stand that has five sies of pin to fit most bikes, lifting from the bottom yoke to allow fork leg removal.

The three stands can be seen in more detail and ordered from our online shop here.

MotoGP one-piece premium front paddock stand

MotoGP one-piece premium rear paddock stand

MotoGP premium head-lift paddock stand

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